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Beacon Backyard Yoga

pop up yoga classes in stunning HUdson Valley locales LEd by talented instructors

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       This was such a simple and beautiful idea, which, to me, is the best kind.

       After nursing a severe back injury over the winter,  the coming of the Spring in 2017 made me feel at odds with spending the sunset hours inside a windowless room at my gym to do yoga. The whole thing just felt counterproductive. Naturally, the nicer the night was, the less I wanted to give it up- the only problem was, I liked yoga just as much! And didn't want to sacrifice it either. So, I turned to my own backyard. I figured if I held classes back there, even I could not come up with an excuse to skip. 

       I spoke with a talented yoga instructor in the area, and offered to her that I would handle all of the marketing and promotion, if she would just show up and teach the classes. In a traditional setting, yoga instructors are paid a flat fee per class by the studio, not dependent on how many people show up for class, with the studio always retaining a distinctly higher percentage of the overall, so when I offered a 70% take of the entire class, and the desirability of teaching outdoors in beautiful spaces, she had great incentive to agree. We quickly agreed that we would expand the effort to find other beautiful spots to enjoy, and we 

held our first class that same week, offering first a Free full moon class to the surrounding community, held on the shores of the Hudson River at Little Stony Point in Cold Spring. We had 15 people show up that first night, and we from then that knew the whole endeavor would be a success.

Over the course of its first season, BBY hosted Yogabundance (a blend of African dance and yoga, with a live drummer!), Full Moon Yoga classes each month, Campfire Yoga with a lively fire burning, as well as a number of gorgeous Sunset classes along the river. 

For me, I managed to do yoga in some of the prettiest places I've ever seen, and did not have to pay, but rather was paid for each class (a win, win, win!), and people were so Happy to attend (add one more win)! I am so looking forward to seeing how this lovely business flourishes in our upcoming 2018 season. 

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