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What is the Queer Expression Fair?

The Queer Expression Fair, presented by Arts & Queers, is an amazing celebration of queer artists, crafters, artisans and curators. With live music, an incredible array of queer small businesses to support, an in house barber, tarot card reading, and a myriad of other activities, this is the party to be at both to network and make friends. 


Is it only in New York?

The Fair launched in Park Slope, Brooklyn, but we are eager to take this show on the road! In hopes to move around the country providing opportunities to queers in cities throughout, I have my sights on Boston in April, followed by Philadelphia, Provincetown, and Washington D.C. If you would like to bring the Queer Exchange to your city, write to Stephanie here



Can I be a vendor at the Fair?

You can certainly apply! I am always looking for interesting, new material... So visit the #Apply page and let me know what you're working with! Applications are due Dec. 30 for the next Fair in NYC, Feb 8th. 



Can my band play at the Fair?

Write to me and send a link to your Souncloud, or any listening page you use. The Fair is always looking for new talent, and our crowd loves when the live music takes over. Email Stephanie here to submit your band for consideration. 



Do I have to be queer to go to the QFair?

The Fair is truly a fair for all. It is an incredibly welcoming, energetic, and egoless crowd that's sole purpose is to celebrate our similarities, talents, and differences. The dictionary defines "Queer" as Strange or Odd, and that suits us just fine. This party is not your average craft fair. It includes unexpected and off the wall items created by the self-proclaimed square pegs of society. This fair is for all the black sheep of every family, and those whose hearts are open to new experiences, and new friends. And for those not too inhibited to approach a table filled with sex toys. The Queer Exchange Fair encourages you to step outside of the box, and into our party. :) 



Is there a bar? Can I check my coat? Is there food? What should I expect?

There is a bar, and there is a coat check. There is food, and there is fun. You should expect to not want to leave, and you should feel encouraged to stay. 




© 2014 by Stephanie Dignan. All Rights Reserved.  



Stephanie Dignan

Founder and Creator, Arts & Queers

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