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 "Lady band Clinical Trials was rocking the fuck out and naturally all snacks were vegan and superb, including Yeah Dawg and Vegan Grrrl Foods baked goods. All sorts of crazy handmade madness and charming items being peddled, including but not limited to: art, hot pants, vibrators, bow ties, and vivisected stuffed animals. I can't tell you how much funky fresh style I saw today. Being in a space full of people who are all about loving themselves and loving who they want to love - that's what's up. ‪#‎qefair‬" -Steph woman, nyc

"I attended the launch party in NYC and I was in tears walking through the door because I was so happy to see so many queer folks gathering together at a place that isn't just a lesbian or gay bar. I am an activist and artist and I know a QEFair will be perfect in Austin." -bloom davis, austin

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Stephanie Dignan

Founder and Creator, Arts & Queers

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